Exponential decay of correlations for Sinai billiard flows

Orateur: DEMERS Mark
Localisation: Université de Fairfield, États-Unis
Type: Séminaire problèmes spectraux en physique mathématique
Site: IHP
Salle: 314
Date de début: 11/04/2016 - 11:15
Date de fin: 11/04/2016 - 12:15

While billiard maps for large classes of dispersing billiards are known to enjoy exponential decay of correlations, the corresponding flows have so far resisted such analysis. We describe recent results, based on the construction of function spaces on which the associated transfer operator has good spectral properties, which provide a description of the spectrum of the generator of the semi-group. This construction, together with a Dolgopyat-type cancellation argument to eliminate certain eigenvalues, proves that the generator has a spectral gap and that the Sinai billiard flow with finite horizon has exponential decay of correlations.

This is joint work with V. Baladi and C. Liverani.