Eigenvalues of Laplacian and Multi-way isoperimetric constants on Riemannian manifolds

Orateur: Kei FUNANO
Localisation: ,
Type: Groupe de travail Convexité, Transport Optimal et Probabilités (CTOP)
Site: Hors LAMA , IHP
Date de début: 05/12/2013 - 14:00
Date de fin: 05/12/2013 - 17:00

In this talk, I will discuss about the distribution of eigenvalues of the weighted Laplacian on closed weighted Riemannian manifolds of nonnegative Bakry-Emery Ricci curvature. As an application of the curvature dimension condition, I will derive some universal inequalities among eigenvalues of the weighted Laplacian on such manifolds. These inequalities are quantitative versions of the previous theorem by the author with Shioya. I will also discuss some geometric quantity, called multi-way isoperimetric constants, on such manifolds and obtain similar universal inequalities among them. Multi-way isoperimetric constants are generalizations of the Cheeger constant. I will explain the relation between the $k$-th eigenvalue and the $k$-way isoperimetric constant.