The Uniform Diversification Strategy is Optimal for Expected Utility Maximization under High Model Ambiguity

Orateur: Laurence CARASSUS
Localisation: ,
Type: Groupe de travail modélisation stochastique et finance
Site: Hors LAMA , ENPC
Salle: salle de séminaire du CERMICS (Salle B211), Bâtiment Coriolis
Date de début: 27/03/2023 - 17:00

In a one-period model with $d$ risky assets, we investigate an expected utility maximization problem when there is ambiguity on the probability $P$ modeled by a Wasserstein ball of radius $k$ around $P$.  We show that when $k$ goes to infinity, the optimal solutions tend to the (rescaled) uniform diversification strategy.